What are the Merchant Points Usage Guidelines?

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  1. Basic Rules
    -Merchant Points are neither giftable nor transferrable to others.
    -Merchant Points are unavailable for marketplace sales.
    -Yesmeal preserves the right to freeze accounts that are involved in abnormal activities or accounts with potential security risks.
    -Yesmeal Merchant Points will be refunded to your account after an order is canceled.
    -Merchants may implement different rules regarding Merchant Points via Yesmeal Promotion Tools. For more details, please refer to the descriptions of the merchant’s promotion URL link or on Yesmeal App.


  2. Referral Rewards
    -You will earn points once you share Yesmeal App to others.
    -You will earn points via inviting friends or relatives to join Yesmeal.
    -You will earn points via inviting friends or relatives to purchase on Yesmeal.


  3. Terms & Conditions
    -Yesmeal Merchant Points are distributed only after an order is successfully completed.
    -Yesmeal preserves the right to alternate the terms of the event.
    -Each Yesmeal Merchant Points is worth 1 cents.

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