The usage rules of Coupon and New Customer Promotion/ Store Promotion

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Since the coupon usage rules are determined by the merchant, the usage rules will be divided into the following two situations:

1) Discounts can be used together: Use the product amount to calculate store discounts (New Customer Promotion or Promotion), and use the discounted price to calculate whether the coupons are eligible for use. If you meet the conditions, you can continue to use the coupons
2) Discounts cannot be used together: Customer can choose either one, after choosing a coupon, the store discount (New Customer Promotion or Promotion) will be invalid


You can also refer to the following steps to check the coupon usage conditions

Step 1

On the main interface of the APP, click "Account" in the lower right corner, and then click "Coupons"



Step 2

Select the corresponding store and click "Coupon"



Step 3

After selecting the corresponding store, click "Details" to view the usage rules



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